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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Welcome Home

Sgt Brent Massey is home today. He will be here for 30 days. Then he returns... to Iraq. His fourth, yes FOURTH tour. He already has the Army Bronze Star. He IS a hero.

Sgt. Massey was awarded the "Army Bronze Star" medal for his actions taken on two missions in support of "Operation Iraqi Freedom". He led his soldiers on more than 60 missions. His expert ability to lead under fire was demonstrated on two separate missions in which his section was ambushed. His valorous actions and cool demeanor during these missions ensured the safety of his soldiers and led to the successful clearing and securing of the ambush sites.
He was also a vital asset in securing two highways that were used as supply routes by coalition forces rebuilding Iraq. His tireless efforts and outstanding operational stamina were key in keeping these highways open for coalition convoys and Iraqi civilians.

Last night, 2 PGR members met Sgt. Massey, his parents and a family friend (also a PGR member) at the airport. 3 bikes, 2 large flags and an escort from Indy’s west side to the east side. From comments I heard there, he was impressed... flattered.

Unknown to him or his parents, there were 8 more of us at his house. 4 more bikes and flags, the typical PGR style 3x4 flags. We lined the street for about 100 feet and waited.

Three bikes pulled in and a car... out jumped a Sergeant. Emotionally moved to just about run up and down our ranks and thank everyone of us with a firm hand shake and a hug. He thanks us.... It truly was our honor SIR (YES, I know you work for a living. See Softails post)

Indianapolis, there is a hero in town, a true, Bronze Star recipient war hero. God bless him and keep him safe. We will be there to escort him when he returns back to Iraq and again when he returns home.

Thanks to Lloyd for the flags. Thanks to everyone that made it out. Thanks to Bruce and Maverick for the Airport escort. Thanks to Dan and Jon for RCing the separate parts of this mission.

And SgtMoon... it was GREAT to see you again!!

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