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Monday, July 9, 2007

Quiz for Bikers

True or False

Take a look, post you answers. The real answers can bee seen here.

1. Other Drivers Don't Care About Motorcyclists

2. Loud Pipes Save Lives

3. Motorcycle Helmets Break Necks

4. Helmets Block Your Ability to See or Hear Danger

5. Helmet Won't Help in Most Crashes

6. A Helmet Will Leave You Brain Damaged in an Crash When You Would Have Simply Died

7. A Skilled Rider Should Be Able to Handle Almost Any Situation

8. If You Are Going to Crash, Lay It Down

9. One Beer Won't Hurt

10. It's Better to Stay in Your Lane than Split Lanes

11. I'm Safer on the Street than on an Interstate

12. A Skilled Rider Can Stop Better with Conventional Brakes than with Anti-Lock Brakes

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