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Saturday, May 5, 2007

A Letter form My Hero

Something must be seriously wrong. Could it be, dare I say it, we might have finally tamed this wild, wild west. I came in today and there was not a crisis to handle! All my reports are done and I have no scheduled appointments. WOW!!! I'm going to start a project I've wanted to do but have not had the time yet. It's eerie! I can finally take a breath and not have to rush. I might even work 12 hours today! That'll be a first! If it stays like this I may even be able to take my first day off on Monday. Of course this could just be the calm before the storm. Hopefully it stays this good until I leave. We deserve a rest. We've worked our asses off up to now. My replacement is due in about a week. I should have about 10 to 14 days to work with him. That will be great for him. I only had 6 hours to train with the guy I replaced and that sucked. This time It'll get done right.

I'm so looking forward to being crammed in like a sardine into a freedom bird to make the trip home. I'm going to miss a lot of friends I've made here. It's surprising how many people you can meet in a shelter while waiting out the next boom. Everyone here has a common bond. Everyone who has ever served in the military knows what I mean. Everyone who has ever served in combat especially knows what I mean. All my PGR brothers and sister know what I mean. Even if they never were in the service they feel that camaraderie of a shared experience. A meaning and purpose in life higher than one's self.

Yesterday we hit the 100 degree mark for the first time. It is supposed to climb higher each day for the next 7 days according to the seven day forecast. Supposed to be 110 by then. I'm glad to be out of here before summer! Before I go we will see some days above 120 according to the forecasters. My hats off to the troops that have to work in all that heavy battle gear outside in the heat. The IBA (Individual Body Armor or as we call it battle rattle) adds another 70 pounds and does not let your torso or head breath.

My one wish is that all Americans could see and feel the pride I have in these young volunteers. They are absolutely America's finest! I wish all American's could see and experience what is truly happening over here. It's certainly not what's fed to them by the news media and the Xxxxxxxxs. The Iraqi people are just beginning to understand what freedom is. They will and are fighting! They are just not ready to go it alone yet. When we won our independence had it not been for France's support militarily and financially we would not have made it. Now it is our time to help and support Iraq. America did not have the enemies camped on our borders trying to subvert us like Iraq does. It will take time maybe even a couple more years but this battle can and will be won. We and the Iraqis are winning everyday. I just wish I was more eloquent. There is a difference between being talkative and eloquent. I am passionate about this! It's a conviction of my soul! I wish I could put into words my feelings so everyone could understand what I feel when I see the greatness here in the Iraqi people yet to be realized. Also my dismay with those who would distort the truth and lie about our successes here.

Well I better go before I get mad again at the wimps!

155 mortar and rocket attacks on base, over 500 have missed the base moral is high!

God bless you all! See you soon!

What I will miss about Iraq.

Today as we drove to lunch I saw a little Iraqi girl about 10 years old walking her sheep families 2 dozen sheep along the fence. She was barefoot as all the farmers here are. When someone says dirt poor they are talking about these people. She looked through the fence and waved as we passed by. She waves every time she sees us. We've never talked to her or even stopped but we always wave back. We've gotten accustomed to looking for her everyday. When we were returning the sheep had bedded down in the heat and she had removed the sash she wears around her waist and pitched a make shift shelter from the sun with her sash and a couple of sticks. She sat in the shade of her shelter as we approached. Then she jumped to her feet and stepped out in the sun to jump up and down waving and smiling so we would be able to see her back off in the field. We waved and honked as we went by. This has become a ritual for us everyday. I have never met this little girl but I will never forget her. I do not think the others will either. She is a symbol of why we came here and why we joined the military. Excuse me I have to wipe my eyes. I will miss but never forget the look on her face. She embodies the hope for Iraq!

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