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Thursday, March 29, 2007

PGR Links

As many of you know, Indy Harley maintains a calendar of missions for us. (see it HERE) It is a great tool and one click shows you the weather forecast for 5 days and any Indiana PGR Missions. With occasional additions from surrounding states.


Did you know that several of our surrounding states have calendars too? And if they don’t they have a summary link?

So, if you live near a neighboring state or just have a hankering to ride, here is a list of our surrounding states calendars and mission lists.

Indiana Calendar
Illinois Calendar
Michigan Calendar
Kentucky Link List
Ohio Link List

Bookmark our Indiana Blog, and we’ll maintain the links to these calendars, so you’ll always have the correct link. As we find similar information for other states we’ll add it too.

While you’re here... look around, read some posts, leave a comment... you might even ask us a question... who knows, we might even answer it. lol!!


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