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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Smoke'em If You Got'em

Not really...well, ok go ahead. I smoked cigars some 10 years ago. I enjoyed the peaceful calm provided and used a cigar as an ice-breaker conversation piece. I don't recall exactly why I quit but I don't miss it. I do enjoy the smell of a good cigar and don't have any grudges towards those that smoke a stogie.

I recently read a post concerning cigars and this post lead me to a forum. And that forum lead me to another post...about sending cigars to our troops over in the sandbox. That's right...I followed along 3 places all by myself. heh

Seriously, A Soldiers Perspective blog is promoting a campaign for one of the co-authors of ASP. And during the initial phases of logistically providing this service, another wonderful aspect happend. Folks, it gets better! They've actually started a forum to discuss cigars. You can find the forum right here.

And there's more! If you decide you'd like to donate a box or two of your favorites, you can read this post here that explains the how to's. And if you don't want to mess around with International Shipments, well that detail is covered as well.

And just so happens that CplM and the authors at ASP are advocates for the Patriot Guard and the honorable service we provide. CplM has just recently deployed to the sandbox. If nothing else, stop by ASP and offer him thanks and well wishes. And the Girl Friday for this project happens to be a Patriot Guard member herself.

Folks...smoke'em if you got'em...and if you don't then send them to our troops in the sandbox.

And this whole Cigar Hour with the Chaplain is sponsored by the wonderful folks at Cigar.com!

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