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Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Welcome to the Indiana Patriot Guard Riders Blog.

This site can be utilized as a gathering place for general information, links and upcoming events. We will not be posting missions. Please refer to the National Home Page for these kinds of events.

We have a few design changes to finish and a few services to add. For those RSS Feed readers, we will be providing this soon. We'll also be providing an e-mail subscription. That way, you can receive all the site updates via e-mail. A handy service if you travel or have limited Internet time.

Also, we will have interesting articles and bio's of Indiana members and our Soldiers. If you have any suggestions, Soldiers links, etc... please email us at the link provided.

Make sure to visit the Indiana Patriot Guard Riders home website. We have items for sale along with general information you need.

A Special Note: In the upcoming months we have many things planned to honor and show tribute to our military so try at least once in awhile check out the PGR site and/or the IN PGR Calendar.

A couple of such events will be July 5-8, 2007 in Indianapolis where we will be honoring the survivors of the USS Indianapolis and on June 2, 2007 at the Ramada Inn (42nd and Pendleton Pike) there will be a huge fund raiser party sponsored by Benigans for us.

Make sure to bookmark us now and help spread the word!

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