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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fire Up the Hogs

Springtime weather is upon us in Hoosierland. The geese and ducks have started their migrations back to their nesting sites, grass is starting to green and Hogs are being fired up all across the state.

Being a short-time rider and long-time wannabe, I always get a rush when I hear motorcycles roaring to life or rumbling down the road. I have fond memories of 1993-95 riding my 1978 Suzuki GS-850 all around Indiana with my brother-in-law, may he rest in peace. I was a weekend road warrior and damn proud of it. I learned allot about that bike having repaired it and spruced it up. I might add I learned how to ride safely although if my brother-in-law was alive he'd debate that point.

And today was no different when I saw a few road warriors rumbling beside me. So instead of(cough) working (cough)today, I spent time looking for a reasonable set of 2 wheels. Reasonable as in within my price range and with feasibility of selling the missus on it.

Bike Number 1 is easily repaired and is relatively inexpensive to maintain. A bike I could easily handle any mechanical repairs. Although I question the durability in stormy weather and exposure to heat sources. And looks to be a rough ride.

Bike Number 2 is a practical choice. It can serve not only as a pleasure ride but also a working ride. I'm not to sure about the custom paint job and copyright infringements, but the lawyers can work that out. And secondly, it'll be tough in those tight spaces to maneuver. All-in-all a great source of conversation and definitely an eye catcher.

So hit the "Read More..." and leave a comment on which one, my Patriot Guard Family, I should expend all my efforts to sell the missus on. And hopefully this cager will come rumbling to a mission near you soon!

Motorcycle Number 1

Motorcycle Number 2

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